Thursday, 27 October 2016

I Daniel Blake.

       Last night Stasia and I went to see the Ken Loach film, "I Daniel Blake", we both found it the most powerful and moving film we had seen. We left the cinema traumatised, not because we didn't know the facts and all the statistics of the system before hand. In my case I felt that I wasn't watching a film, I was looking through a window at the real life of real people. Real, honest decent people, being slowly destroyed through an inhuman bureaucratic system designed to attempt to fit people, through a confusing and humiliating process, into non-existent jobs, fit for work or not. A system of slowly breaking down the self respect of the individual. A system callously set up by faceless bureaucrats, devoid of human empathy, knowing that it would fail in its stated aims. If anybody sees this film, and leaves the cinema without a gut wrenching desire to pull down and destroy this vicious inhumane system, they have lost their empathy with humanity.
       Some of the figures to back up the film. In this extremely rich country of approximately 65 million, 13.5 million live in poverty. This breaks down as 7.9 million working age adults, 3.9 million children, and 1.6 million pensioners. There are over 1 million individuals in work in the low paid industries who live in poverty. This breaks down as, residential care workers, 130,00, accommodation and catering workers, 360,000, and in that back bone of the consumer society, the retail trade, 460,000 of these workers live in poverty.
     There were 2,380 individuals who died shortly after their Employment Support Allowance was stopped. Between December 2011 and February 2014, a staggering 50,850 individuals claiming ESA died, of those 7,200 had been judged, by this bureaucratic killing machine, as fit and able to return to work.
      This is the traumatic reality that crushes so many honest decent people, who through no fault of their own, find themselves, entangled in the vicious claws of this inhuman, callous and  destructive bureaucracy, operated by robotic rule obeying, automatons. A system designed to silence them through frustration, humiliation and the destruction of their self worth, and at the same time save money by getting rid of social spending.
     As one commentator said, "I Daniel Blake" is a rallying call for the dispossessed, I wouldn't be surprised if you wake up one morning and find your local job Centre with large graffiti saying, "I Daniel Blake".  "I'm Spartacus", solidarity is the weapon to defeat this festering nightmare of injustice and inequality called capitalism.
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Defending The Rich With The Blood Of The Poor.

        As Syria explodes and Libya convulses and Iraq bleeds, all due to the military adventures of the various imperialists of this world, and the UK is spending more than some small countries entire GDP, on nuclear weapons, it is all the more important that we stand up and resist the continued drive for militarism as an answer to the world's problems.
    Two events coming up organised by the Scottish Peace Network:

       On Thursday, October 27, we will hold our monthly vigil at Dewar's statue on Buchanan Street from 5-6pm. We will have a banner, placards and a flyer.
        By coincidence, this Thursday the UN General Assembly will vote on a motion to establish a conference in 2017 to negotiate a treaty banning all nuclear weapons. I am afraid it will take more than a UN resolution to overcome the Pentagon and the military-industrial complex, but a UN vote promoting a ban on all nuclear weapons provides us with an opportunity to raise this critical issue.
       So join us on the vigil and we will bring placards calling for a ban on nuclear weapons.
      2. On Saturday, October 29, the Peace Network will set up a stall from 12-2 on Buchanan Street in front of where Borders bookstore was located and opposite to the TGIF restaurant. We will have white poppies to distribute for a donation and a flyer explaining the history of the white poppy.
       Come along and help us with the stall. This will be a good time to talk to people about peace issues and the need to resist militarism.
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Sympathy Where Sympathy Is Due.

       I can understand the sympathy for the two injured police who were deliberately run over by a vehicle, it is always painful to see anther human being suffer, let’s hope they recover and look for another job. This may have been a pointless violent action, for whatever reason, but we should not, as the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media would have us do, allow that sympathy to overflow onto the police as an organisation. We should always remember that the police are the minders, the street thugs, of a system of unearned privilege and wealth for the few, a system of greed and corruption that breeds poverty, alienation, deprivation, anxiety and stress for the many. The police are the systems hounds, with blood on their teeth, trained to keep control on the streets for fear that the people may change the system. The illusion that they clear our cities of “crimes” conceals the fact that the “crimes” that they are are proposed to be cleaning up, are the direct result of this exploitative system they defend. 
       What have the police ever done for the people? Their history is one of a litany of miscarriages of justice, brought about by their brutality, false statements, lies, incompetence and corruption, in conjunction with a biased judiciary, remember the Birmingham six 1975. Let’s not forget the part the police played in the Liverpool transport workers strike 1911, the forty hour strike and Glasgow’s bloody Friday 1919, move forward, and their doing the bidding of the greedy and powerful in the 1984/85 miners’ strike, remember Orgreave? Of course we have to list Hillsborough 1989, and so the list goes on, an organisation that was put in place to defend the indefensible, a system of festering greed, corruption and privilege, that perpetuates oppression, poverty and misery.
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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Potentiality Of Storming Heaven.

        Because of the manipulation of information by that babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, many people failed to grasp the extent of the uprising in Greece in December 2008. The sudden explosion of anger at a system that had fed the population on illusions, attempting to paste over the cracks that exposed growing poverty, unemployment, injustice, corruption and alienation. As I have said on many an occasion, nobody knows the spark that will ignite the fire. On the 6th of December, 2008, the spark that ignited the fire in Greece was the spark from a psychopathic cop’s gun, that killed a 15 year old youth, hanging out with his mates an a Saturday night in Exarchia. That spark set alight the tinder of years of pent up anger and frustration, that simmers under the surface in all our cities and towns, I’m sure you have felt that same anger and frustration.
This video was first Published on Dec 3, 2015

          6 December 2008, few minutes after 9 pm - Time Zero of the December Revolt. Two policemen shoot against a group of youngsters hanging out on a Saturday night, at the heart of the Exarcheia district of central Athens, an area with a long history of insurrection against authority and riots for socio economic and political grounds, inhabited mainly by anarchists, anti-authoritarians and liberals. The police bullet finds in the heart and kills 15 year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos.
         As soon as the news of Alexis' murder spreads mainly through the internet, hundreds of people from the rest of Athens gather at Exarchia, which is circled by hundreds of riot policemen and that in turns infuriated people and the neighborhood quickly goes "on fire" with flaming barricades and stone attacks against the police, that lasted all throughout the night.
        Almost from the same night, the Exarcheia riot spreads all over Greece, with attacks against police stations, even in greek villages. Protests and demonstrations, which escalate to widespread rioting rock Greece every day and night for the weeks to come, while public buildings are being taken over and occupied by protesters in dozens of cities and towns around the country.
        Outside Greece, solidarity demonstrations, riots and clashes with local police also take place in more than 70 cities around the world, including London, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Dublin, Berlin, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, the Hague, Copenhagen, Bordeaux, Cologne, Seville, Sao Paulo, as well as Nicosia in Cyprus, and Paphos proving for the first time before the "Arab Spring" that people could spread the news and react through protests for the same matter around the globe, from San Francisco to Wellington and Buenos Aires to Siberia.
      While the unrest was triggered by the Alexis Grigoropoulos murder by police, the reactions lasted for so long simply because they were rooted in deeper causes, like the coming economic crisis a year later, which was already being felt by poorer classes and younger generations through rising unemployment rate and a feeling of general inefficiency and corruption of the authorities, institutions and right wing politicians of the Greek state (mainly New Democracy and PASOK political parties).

December 2008 | The Potentiality of Storming Heaven 

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When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall.

       Back after my wee break across the channel, and with a day like today, blue sky, bright sun and wind forecast as 1-3 mph increasing to 5mph later in the afternoon, who could resist throwing their leg over the bike and heading out. Though getting a bit on the cold side for me, I decided to grab what I can before the clock goes back. That's usually my signal to put the bike away until the start of next year. However, I'll try to steal any days that come along like today. Today it was my home territory, the Campsie area, ever beautiful, even more so now that the autumn tints of copper, brown and gold are creeping in through the lush green. Ah, the beauty of this enchanted place.
Autumn tints creeping into the Campsie area.
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Monday, 24 October 2016

US Prison Strike Discussion.

      Discussion in English on the US prisoners strike by A-Radio Berlin.

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Police Protesting On The Streets!!!

 The friendly face in your neighbourhood.

This from Bordered By Silence:
"Without translation, we would live in provinces bordered by silence"

         A first-hand account of an unpermitted march by the cops in Paris
Translators intro: This article really wants to insist on the actions of the police being illegal and on the problem being “police impunity”, not policing itself. But in spite of these weaknesses, it’s still worth reading and discussing. Although this kind of discourse is annoying, here the talk of legality can be understood a bit differently, because the police aren’t just any group of people. Of course, the police break the law all the time — the law is a weapon in their hands, not something that binds them, and as anarchists we shouldn’t uphold the myth of the just (or the accountable) cop. But it is worth noticing when a mass of police feel that they can openly break the law, disobeying the minister of the interior, to march armed on government buildings at night.
       The police marches are, most immediately, a response to a molotov attack against some cops who were guarding a surveillance camera that had been getting destroyed. The police started rallying in front of the hospital where one of the injured cops was being treated and then leaving from there on marches. Similar rallies by the police outside of their union structure are being held in most big French cities
 Original text:

      For the past four days, the police have been illegally protesting in the streets of Paris each night. On Wednesday (October 19, 2016), their meet-up was set for 9:30pm in Republic Square. Some friends decided to go down and show their opposition to the gathering. First off, we were very few, at most fifty, and not nearly enough to confront the growing crowd of police, from 200 to a thousand. Here’s the story of a strange night caught between the state of emergency and the scent of mutiny.
      The atmosphere was strange, there in Republic Square, where on one side a rally of Colombians was wrapping up, while on another a Jewish celebration was being held, and where a skatepark has sprung up in the same place where the General Assemblies for Nuit Debout were held this spring.
      All the police cars that we watched arrive weren’t there to monitor the march, but rather to take part. Then the mobile gendarmerie (1) got their riot gear out and made several attempts to encircle anyone who looked like a counter-protester.
     A strange dance unfolded, there in Republic Square, very silent, lulling us into a daze. The police who were present mostly seemed to be from the BAC (2), with their caps, lanyards, masks, and police armbands clearly visible. These rallies give us cold shivers, and so far no cop has been sanctioned, even though these rallies are forbidden and the profession isn’t allowed to demonstrate while on duty. Tonight, there are both on and off duty cops present.
      In answer to the question, “Just what are you asking for?”, a group of police told me, “For the 35 hour work week. We’re temps at McDonalds and they’re making us put in 38 hours.” Following this answer, as sincere as Cahuzac (3) caught with his hand in the cookie jar, they turned away from me.
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Protest Your Injustice, And Be Punished.

      The largest prisoners strike in US history which started on September 9th., and is mainly ignored by that babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, is still having repercussions throughout the US prison system. Reprisals in many brutal, sadistic and arbitrary forms are being hurtled at the prisoners, those who are involved and those who are not. Such is the prison and judicial system in the US. 
This from Its Going Down:
“Sitting in this 8 x 10 cell, it makes a man wonder if it’s worth it. I’ve heard many of the men yelling, ‘I shouldn’t of went out there.’ It is testing the best of them. They regret making that final call. If they can’t come to terms with the decision they made they will be resentful doing time. They have to realize that only losing everything are they free to do everything. It is in losing we gain. One could wonder what kind of math did God create, but it is all about longevity. And from the looks of it, unless it gets overturned, we are going to be here for a while – in Administrative Segregation, Level 5. They read all mail.”
-Gilbert Morales, a Michigan prisoner facing repression for the uprising at Kinross Correctional
Continue reading:
      A personal story from a fiancé of an inmate at Michigan’s Kinross Correctional Facility. This is the face of American justice, and that of most other prison systems across the world.
This from Shadow Proof 
       The facility stayed on lockdown for 12 days, as prisoners faced more brutal retaliation for their peaceful protest.
       Around 150 prisoners were allegedly accused of being instigators of the action and were transferred. An unknown number were charged with inciting a riot and put in solitary confinement. Others, who said they had nothing to do with the protest, were punished as well.
      “When guys are sick, they won’t do anything about it. When guys are passed out, the medical team won’t come,” Evelyn said when asked about conditions for prisoners living at Kinross.
        On October 10, an inmate named Charles Lee Johnson died at the facility. He was the third inmate to die at a prison in the state within the last month.
       “They called for help and the area where the nurses station is like a minute away from where the guy’s bunk was,” Evelyn said.
        Prison staff allegedly gave Johnson some water and told him to lay down when he complained. He then started convulsing and became unresponsive. It took fifteen minutes for staff to get to him.
        Beyond medical care, prisoners are treated poorly by prison staff. “They pick on them on purpose. They give them tickets on purpose. It’s like its set up for them to fail,” Evelyn explained.
       Evelyn used to visit Anthony once a month. One 4th of July visit was especially great, she said. But Anthony called her a few hours later and told her he had received a disciplinary ticket.
Continue reading:
If you need proof that America's prison system is broken 

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Take Them On At Every Opportunity.

        It is always satisfying when workers come together and give a section of the capitalist Mafia a bloody nose. This is what happened in Spain recently, when organised workers took on three companies, through the system's own corrupt judicial system, and managed to cut the syphon tube that was being used to plunder the public purse. Not the end of capitalism, but a good boot in the right place, their bank account.
From Tarcoteca: (not the easiest of translation, but you get the drift)

       These 3 companies, whose anti-worker and abusive practices are widely known in the tecnology industry, and allied with the political mafia, have spent years looting the Public Coffers. Once again it shows that State and Employers go hand in hand with the aim to enrich at the expense of the Worker.

       Now they loose the cushy contracts. At least for 3 years these parasites will not get rich from the public money and we have been able to demonstrate the profound contempt we feel for all of them. We've made a deep wound and we still dream to completely finish them.

No Pity for this Merciless capitalist! 

To know more
*El Corte Inglés is one of the 3 most important Comercial Center corporation in Spain with deep links with fascism, the PP Far Right party on Government and Media. Policial and Militar supplier, also in deals with the ISIS, with 150.000 uniforms. Is an IBEX mafia member and part of his capital comes from the throatcutter Al-Thani Qatar monarchy.
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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Viva L'Anarchy.

        Another wee break, so I'll be away for a few days, and my rants will fall silent for a while. See you in a bit.
Drawing by Phil May.
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That Illusion Of Democracy.

       A call for solidarity one month from now, November 19th. Hague, Netherlands. If you think you can make it, mark your diary. What form of repression happens in one city/town, if successful from the state's point of view, will find its way into other cities/towns. Banning anarchist from certain areas, can be expanded, in size of area, and description of those to be banned.  All part and parcel of the control mechanisms that the state needs for its illegal existence. Solidarity is our winning weapon.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Mired In Poverty, While Surrounded By Wealth.

          This prosperous country, 6th richest country in the world, seems to be riddled with anomalies, however, anomalies consistent with any capitalist country. Who creates the wealth? Where is the wealth? Well we all know who creates the wealth, you and me, the ordinary people of the country. From the manufacturing, distribution, administration and consumption, it is us that create all the wealth. Where is the wealth, well let’s look at income. 
        Inequality is much higher amongst original income than net income with the poorest 10% having on average an original income of £4,467 whilst the top 10% have an original income 24 times larger (£107,597)1. the top 1% had an average income of £253,927 and the top 0.1% had an average income of £919,8823. The poorest fifth of society have only 8% of the total income, whereas the top fifth have 40%.
         That’s just income, what about where we live. Well we all know what sort of mansions the top 10% live in, what about the rest of us? Recent research has found facts that are shocking for a rich country, but don’t shock us. We know that this is the way that the system works. A very large proportion of ordinary people of this country are living in unacceptable conditions.
       Britons were asked if their homes met a series of conditions which together make up what Shelter has dubbed the “Living Home Standard”, and 43 per cent said their home failed the test.
        Nearly one in five homes failed the Living Home Standard based on a lack of decent conditions. Some didn’t have running hot and cold water, others were not structurally sound, and many had serious pest infestations or issues with mould and damp.
      The research, conducted by Ipsos Mori, found more than one in four of the nearly 2,000 surveyed said their homes failed basic standards of affordability. In these cases, people had to cut back on essentials like food and heating just to pay their rent or mortgage, or they were worried those payments could rise to a level they would no longer be able to afford.
        What is it that we are continually told by that millionaire cabal that reside in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption? “We have the fastest growing economy in the developed world” Well where is all that growth going? Large swaths of the ordinary people of this country have for generations had low incomes and lived in inadequate housing, and will continue to do so for generations to come, unless we do something about it by changing the system.
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The State, Savagery Heaped On barbarity.

        Prison is an anathema within any society that claims to be a democracy, but isolation within that prison system takes the barbarity to a deeper level. Prison is one of the state’s repressive tools, used to try to break down any resistance to its authority over the people. To lock any animal in isolation is sadistic savagery, however, when a human locks another human in isolation, they have left the realms of humanity, they are the moronic stooges of an inhuman system. In these situations we are reminded of the words of Robert Burns, "Man's inhumanity to man--". As long as prisons stand, freedom is in chains. 
Prison letter from anarchist Anna Beniamino – Italy
      Today – Monday 10th October – I decided to start a hunger strike against the isolation that I am being subjected to along with other comrades who are part of this investigation, from the moment of our arrest on 6th September. This isolation has remain unchanged, despite comrades having been transferred to different AS2 sections and the custodial interrogations that have taken place. In solidarity with Alfredo Cospito who is on hunger strike since 3rd October and is being held in isolation in the AS2 section of Ferrara prison.
       I knowingly use the hunger strike as an instrument that expresses a minimal sign of reaction to barbarities that are rooted in captivity and authority.
       As always, I keep anarchism in my heart and mind, hold love and respect for all the untamable comrades outside and inside prison, have rage in my teeth and a smile on my lips.

Man was made to mourn: A Dirge
  Many and sharp the num'rous ills
Inwoven with our frame!
More pointed still we make ourselves
Regret, remorse, and shame!
And man, whose heav'n-erected face
The smiles of love adorn, –
Man's inhumanity to man
Makes countless thousands mourn!
Robert Burns.

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

From The Horse's Mouth.

        It is always nice to hear from someone who has been inside the savage beast of corruption, what you already know, it adds that little bit more weight to the view that the system stinks from top to bottom.

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Under Capitalism, What Rights??

        I am always surprised by those who shout that they have the right to protest. Protest has never been a right under capitalism, but it is a duty. Protests, in this authoritarian system that governs our every day life, will only be tolerated if it is deem to to be unsuccessful. If it looks like gaining support and edging towards success, it will be dealt with by one or more of the states repression units. Many have paid a heavy and brutal price while taking up that so called right to protest, You may see protest as a right, but the system says no. If you wish to protest, you will have to be prepared to fight. So let’s change our mind set, and see protest, not as a right, but as our duty, a necessary tool to change the system of exploitation and greed, to one of caring, equality and sustainability.
      Solidarity with organized Mexican students against corruption and institutional violence! 
       On Friday, October 7, a group of organized students of “CECyT 5” in Mexico City, who maintain an indefinite strike, was brutally repressed by about 60 thugs outside the campus. Many of them were seriously injured, bruises and a boy has deep head wounds. The reasons for this movement are the corruption of the authorities that make dirty dealings of financial resources of public universities, and the constant violence against of all organizational efforts of students, parents and academics, conducted by the interim director Ernesto León Pineda, through these thugs groups, the Industrial Bank Police (PBI) and cowardly defamation on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
    The authorities of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), the CECyT 5 -defended by the mass-media- have initiated a number of legal demands against some students who only exercise their right to protest.

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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Acts Of Repression, In Fancy Gowns.

      The state and its strong arm team love fancy names for their various operations of repression. From Spain to the UK, from the US to Italy, it is operation this, and operation that. In Italy the latest attack on liberty, mainly against anarchists, is the academic sounding “Operation Scripta Manet”, but no matter how you dress thuggery up, it is still thuggery. All those who find themselves at the receiving end of these fancy sounding operations of brutality, deserve our unstinting solidarity, remember, "First they came for the anarchists-----"

 Italy – Anarchist Comrades Anna and Alfredo on Hunger Strike and Updated addresses for the 8 comrades:
        As of 11th October the comrades arrested as part of the operation “Scripta  Manent” have been transferred to 4 different prisons and are all in High Security AS2 sections – all in isolation. They are all subject to censorship in prison – 7 of the comrades have official censorship – but they have all received at least some post and telegrams. As far as we know, they cannot write to each other but we know that Anna received a telegram from Nicola. The comrades inside have asked to receive books, communiqués and as much news as possible.   
Updated addresses for the 8 comrades:  
BISESTI MARCO: Strada Alessandria, 50/A – 15121 San Michele, Alessandria (AL)
MERCOGLIANO ALESSANDRO: Strada Alessandria, 50/A – 15121 San Michele, Alessandria (AL)
BENIAMINO ANNA: Via Aspromonte, 100  –  04100 – Latina LT
CREMONESE DANILO EMILIANO:  Str. delle Campore, 32  –  05100 Terni TR
SPEZIALE VALENTINA: Via Aspromonte, 100  –  04100 – Latina LT
ALFREDO E NICOLA – are both still in Ferrara AS2
CORTELLI DANIELE: Str. delle Campore, 32  –  05100 Terni TR
 Comrades Anna and Alfredo on Hunger Strike
       Since 3rd October, Alfredo is on hunger strike against isolation and the restrictions that have been placed on his contact with Nicola. He was put in isolation over one month ago due to his act of solidarity with the CCF and for the operation Scripta Manent. Since 10th October Anna Beniamino has also begun a hunger strike against isolation inside.
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One Day Without Us.

         As the xenophobic howling of our ruling class and their brainless moronic minions on the streets grows ever louder, the chanting is that migrant workers are the root of all our problems. Of course we should all realise that the ruling class will always pull a scapegoat out of their hat to take the focus off their greed and inadequacies, today it is those “nasty, lazy, greedy foreigners” stealing all your jobs, and living off your tax money. Now, because of this propaganda of delusion, fear and anxiety visit the daily lives of migrant workers in our country.       However, migrant workers, like all workers have power, they have to organise, and as a body, select their day and don’t turn up for for work. Our high streets would change dramatically, all those nice “foreign” restaurants closed, that convenience store at the corner, closed, operations in hospitals cancelled, A&E departments stop functioning all together, crops in fields start to rot, and more mayhem. Of course migrant workers should not be expected to take this action on their own, they should have the support of all workers, for that is what we are, workers trying to survive in an unjust exploitative system, we are one.
To that end, mark this day in your calendar, spread the word, organise.  
20 February 2017 at 8:00 to 21 February 2017 at 8:00

One Day Without Us

        There are moments when silence in the face of discrimination and injustice becomes complicity. In the last two decades, immigration has become a festering toxic obsession in British politics. Year after year, men and women whose only 'crime' is to live, work and study in the UK have been vilified and stigmatised as parasites, intruders, invaders and outsiders.
       Now, as a consequence of the June referendum result, xenophobic and racist attitudes previously lurking on the political fringes have erupted into the mainstream. We live in frightening times indeed, when government ministers can describe immigrants as 'negotiating chips', and threaten to 'name and shame’ businesses that employ foreign workers, as if these workers were something shameful.
       It is now clear that our government has chosen to pander to fear and hate in order to manage the UK's exit from the European Union. These developments not only pose a direct threat to the millions of immigrants who have made the UK their home - they have also unleashed forces that may do incalculable harm to British society itself.
We cannot accept this.

Who are we?
      We are British and non-British citizens; EU citizens and immigrants from beyond the EU; the descendants of immigrants, and non-immigrants. We come from many different political backgrounds. We include Leavers and Remainers. All of us share the same opposition to the dangerous social forces that now cast a shadow over our collective future. That is why we are calling on all those who share our vision to make 20 February, 2017 'A Day Without Us.'

What Are We Going To Do
      We believe that now, more than ever, it is essential to remind the British public of the contribution that immigrants have made to this country, and what the country might look like if they were not here.
     Liam Fox has said that migrants who ‘consume’ the country’s wealth and don't 'create anything' should not be allowed here. We reject these assumptions.
       Inspired by the two historic immigrant days of action in the US and Italy, we are calling for all immigrants and all British citizens who support them to join in a national boycott on February 20 next year which marks the UN World Day of Social Justice.

How are we going to do it
      For one day, we are inviting immigrants and their British supporters to absent themselves from the activities they normally do. To close their restaurants and businesses, leave classes, universities, and workplaces, and demonstrate by their absence what they have created, what they have given to British society and how essential and valuable they are.
      Strike or take the day off work. Let your absence also remind the country of your presence.. And if you can't do that, then join us in other ways.
March, hold parties and meetings.
       Do it in your town, your community, your workplace, your school, college, or university.
       We recognize this may be an unprecedented step for many people, and we don't expect immigrants to do this alone. We call on all British citizens who share our vision to support this event, because we believe it should be a day of solidarity and celebration - and a rejection of the dire politics that threaten our common future.
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Friday, 14 October 2016

Living In The Illusion Of democracy.

          It always is the pattern, the so called democratic states always come down hard on those who fight for freedom and solidarity between people, while supporting the marches and actions of racist fascists. Anarchist and anti-fascists are always at the receiving end of state repression. The state spouts democracy while stifling any journey to equality and freedom, fosters divisions in society, while waving the flag of patriotism calling for unity to reclaim some mythical great past. It is in the face of this that we have to call on solidarity, and face this ongoing and ever strengthening state repression.
This from Contra Info:

          On Saturday November 19th, there will be a demonstration in The Hague, The Netherlands, against the wave of repression that Hague anti-fascists and anarchists have been facing in the last year. One who attacks one of us, attacks all of us. Solidarity through struggle!
       Within the last year, repression against anti-fascists and anarchists has greatly increased, with The Hague in the middle of it. An area ban for anarchists was issued for the Schilderswijk, in an attempt to break the struggle against the racist, violent, and murderous police. After that, another area ban was issued, this time against anti-fascists who have been resisting against the extreme right wing Pegida demonstrations. Damage claims of 50,000 euro were demanded from several anarchists who resisted against the eviction of social center De Vloek, which had been squatted for 13 years. The mayor also tried to shutter the local Autonomous Center. Furthermore, subsequent demonstrations were forbidden, people were intimidated by the police at home and on the street, numerous preventative arrests were made, and attempts were made to recruit informants.
          But these are not just attacks against individual anarchists and anti-fascists. This is an attack against all who fight  against racism, this is an attack against all who stand for a world without exploitation and discrimination, this is an attack on all of us. And this attack cannot go unanswered! This is a call for solidarity, because solidarity is our weapon against the isolation being forced on us by the police and the mayor. We must defend our autonomous spaces and structures!
         Come to The Hague on November 19th. Because the chains of the state dripping with racism and oppression must be broken! Because one who doesn’t fight has already lost.
Fight repression!
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