Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Workers Know Your History, State Murders.

        The dark days of Spain's fascist dictator Franco, should not be forgotten. His regime brutally put down any any left-wing opposition in the country by, prison, torture and execution. The last executions carried out under his regime was on September 27, 1975, when 5 individuals were executed by firing squad. Franco died two months later, and some dark clouds lifted from the country of Spain.
From Wikipedia:
            The last use of capital punishment in Spain took place on 27 September 1975 when two members of the armed Basque nationalist and separatist group ETA political-military and three members of the Revolutionary Antifascist Patriotic Front (FRAP) were shot dead by firing squads after having been convicted and sentenced to death by military tribunals for the murder of policemen and civil guards. Spain was Western Europe's last dictatorship at this time and had been unpopular and internationally isolated in the post-war period due to its relations with Nazi Germany in the 1930s and the fact that the authoritarian Spanish leader, Francisco Franco, had come to power by overthrowing a democratically elected government. As a result, the executions resulted in substantial criticism of the Spanish government, both domestically and abroad. Reactions included street protests, attacks on Spanish embassies, international criticism of the Spanish government and diplomatic measures, such as the withdrawal of the ambassadors of fifteen European countries.

        This was the last use of the death penalty in Spain; following the death of Francisco Franco, two months later, no further executions took place. The 1978 Spanish Constitution largely abolished the death penalty, with the exception of limited cases in times of war, and these exceptions were abolished in 1995. In 2012, a Basque Government commission found that the processes used to convict two of those executed had violated their rights and awarded compensation to their families.
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Trying To See Through The Fog Of Propaganda.

        If you ever pock your nose into that babbling brook of bullshit, our mainstream media, either on TV or in the newspapers, you get the impression that there are only two factions involved in the bombing of that unfortunate and shattered country, Syria. All the reports are of the dreadful damage caused by Russian and Syrian bombers, over that broken disaster that is Aleppo. The fact that US, UK, Saudi, Australian, French, Turkey and others that I probably have missed, are all in there bombing Syria, seems to be overlooked, we never seem to here of the damage and carnage that they may be causing. Are we to believe that there is no suffering caused by these other imperialist nations' releasing their devastating weaponry, no injured and maimed children, no smashed homes, no suffering and traumatised people, worthy of reporting?
      Once again we are trying to assess a situation while locked in a fog of propaganda. What is clear, is that the people of Syria are of no concern to the tribe of imperialists squabbling in Syria over control of its rich oil and gas resources.

         This from IN GAZA:
        Aleppo and nearby villages ravaged by the West’s “moderate” terrorists (photo essay)
      I support Syria against a “civil” war that is funded, armed and planned by Western powers and their regional allies with a view to wiping out all resistance to imperialism in the Middle East.
      The northern city of Aleppo has been one of the most grossly misreported-on cities in the Syrian Arab Republic, with Western and Gulf media and NGOs continuously ignoring the realities of life in this city of over 1.5 million civilians, instead launching coordinated propaganda campaigns against the Syrian government and army (SAA), and in favour of terrorists labeled as “rebels”, and ignoring their firing of an array of missiles, rockets, Hell Cannon-fired gas canister bombs, explosive bullets, and more onto the civilians of greater Aleppo.
     Terrorist factions occupying areas of Aleppo include Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, the so-called “Free Syrian Army”, and child-beheading Nour el din Zinki mercenaries.
       In July and in August, 2016, I travelled by car to Aleppo, to meet with doctors and ordinary civilians, and to hear their testimonies of life in a city which has many times been under terrorists’ siege and is always under terrorists’ bombings and snipings.
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The Fog Of Propaganda.

        I posted this earlier, but thought it was worth mentioning again as the film is showing shortly at the Kinning Park Centre Glasgow.

The Media Monopoly Series
The Occupation of the American Mind
       ”It is arguable that the success of business propaganda in persuading us, for so long that we are free from propaganda is one of the most significant propaganda achievements of the twentieth century."
 John Carey

The education of persuasion
         Maybe we need to ask why our education system trains us in the merits of Public Relations (propaganda), in, being first, winning a place, getting to the top, fighting the competition. While there is little or nothing in teaching students how to protect themselves from the adverse effects of corporate propaganda?
        The scope of this film is much wider than this particular subject matter, it has lessons that can be applied to a wide variety of propagandised social and political issues.
          Are we being educated by media propaganda? Watch!
         "Harrowing and incendiary! A vital and unmissable film" Dave Zirin The Nation
          Israel's Public Relations War in the United States Narrated by Pink Floyd's Roger Waters
       “Once you know how something is put in place you can start to take it apart”

The Occupation of the American Mind 
Kinning Park Complex Glasgow
Sunday 2nd Oct
2 till 4:00
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Monday, 26 September 2016

The Many Shapes Of The Spirit Of Resistance.

        Across the world states are in crises, as the system they attempt to manage, capitalism, is itself, in crisis. Capitalism has mandated the states to manage the civil population, while they rip them off, but more and more people are seeing through the shabby illusion, more and more the people are resisting. As capitalism lurches from one crisis to another, the state’s job of managing the people becomes a task doomed to failure. Resistance to this system of control and exploitation takes many shapes, from the organised groups, to the individuals who fight the system on a daily basis, in their own particular way, but fight they do. Of course in the eyes of the system, any acts of resistance, which in fact are self defence, will never be classified as such, it will be labelled, vandalism, hooliganism, terrorism, and a host of other demonising isms. This will then be followed up with the full violence and brutality of their “judicial system”. The artefacts and symbols of the exploitative, repressive system of the festering marriage of capitalism and state are all around us. The expensive cars, the luxury hotels, the designer label shops, the banks, the sweatshop places of labour, the injustice of poverty, all supported by an army of police and CCTV cameras, all to let you know your pecking order in this hierarchical nightmare. However that is also one of its weaknesses, everything is out their, open to acts of self defence, acts of resistance, acts of righteous anger.

       This article, posted in Contra Info, is from Brazil, a country no stranger to the savage ravishes of capitalism, and no stranger to the people's resistance to this brutal system:
          Every stone thrown is the expression of indignation of all of us, tired of being used, manipulated and dominated by those in government, by the media, by the multinationals… A brick is charged with rage, frustration and more than anything else the freedom of disobedience, of disrespect to property. A brick into a window is the expression of insubmission, of those instincts that were not and never will be domesticated and pacified. It is the capacity to overcome the margins of citizenist protest towards the path of free rebellion. A brick carries all the courage of leaving the house and abandoning the role of the spectator in front of a screen, to run out to the streets and transform them into a field of political action.
       The streets, where we meet, do not belong to anybody but the revolt. The streets open the way to take back our lives, they open the way to insubmission and dignity… They open the doors so that everyone can be responsible for themselves without depending on any institution, they open the way of “fuck the State” and of autonomy… and we are there because our rage is expanding, against the social order, not against the puppet that carries the title of the President, but against the entire state structure… because it’s clear to us that the streets shout much more than “Out With Temer”.
      From the streets, we’re uncontrollable, in the complicity of the hoodie we’re stronger, and we can live intensively in spaces where the banks will never be something to be defended but institutions that profit from inequality, that take over lives with blows of credit cards and financial interests. There where the bourgeois car is not a dream but a symbol of vanity; where a shop is selling privileges and not just clothes… where we’re able to attack materially against domination.
       That the internal repression led by candidates and affiliates of political parties don’t put a halt to our rage, that they don’t put a halt to direct actions…

We had enough of being commanded…
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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Direct Action Versus Legislation.

        Thanks to a member of the Spirit of Revolt, we have become the proud possessors of four more very rare pamphlets, thanks John. We have put one of them up on our "Read of the Month", it is by The Free Action Anarchist Group in Glasgow around 1899, published in Bridgeton Glasgow, hopefully the rest will follow in time. It is titled "Direct Action Versus Legislation" written by J. Blair Smith, a very active Scottish anarchist of that era. The subject matter is just as relevant today as it was when it was written. If anyone has any information on J. Blair Smith I would be delighted if they could pass it on to me, his life should be better known. Visit our site and have a read. http://spiritofrevolt.info/direct-action-versus-legislation/ 

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Slavery And The Prison Struggle.

       A fact that is little broadcast by our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, is that it was the “abolition” of slavery, (we all know that it didn't really get abolished, just transformed), that gave a tremendous boost to the industrial revolution. As the slave owners were obliged to release their slaves, they were richly compensated by tax payers money for their loss. As they found themselves with buckets full of cash, they looked around to see how they could make it grow. So the the new industrial era got under way. This little map gives you some idea of the money that flowed into the pockets of the genteel folks of Edinburgh, who had their hands well dipped in slave ownership. This avalanche of tax payers money to slave owners, was repeated across the UK and elsewhere. 
      In support of the ongoing US prison strike, 325 has an interesting article that explains how today’s US prison system is more or less a continuation of the slave system that built empires. During the European imperialists expansion, slavery and indentured servitude were the backbone, the fertiliser, of capitalist growth and imperialist expansion. Little has changed, capitalism still thrives on slave labour, allied to cheap labour.
 Prisons in the USA – The dark side of slavery in American society
        In order to be in the position to understand the importance and necessity of the us prisoners’ struggle, we first need to analyze the role of slavery in the foundation and evolution of the american state and its historical and integral ,until today, link with the capital.
      Slavery in its many forms was actually the foundation on which the omnipotence of american overlordship was gradually built. The root of this phenomenon can be traced back in the era when the christian empires of europe started a race to conquest unknown lands, founding colonialism regimes, in the era of brutal genocides of the indigenous populations and the slave trade of the non-white african population. Since then and until today, the social and political circumstances have rapidly changed, mainly because of a heavy blood tax that has been paid from beneath, towards the direction of the total shaking off of slavery as an institution. However, it continues up until today, more or less covered.
      Today’s prisoners’ class and racial composition, the spreading of private prisons, the institutionalization of enforced labor as a form of criminal sanction, the exploitation of prisoners by big companies highlight the fundamental connection between state-capitalism-slavery and prison.

Slavery in the first colonial systems

      During the first years of the “new world’s” colonization and until the early 18th century, most of the settlers were not free but were under a status of an idiotype slavery, known as “indentured servitude”, which aimed in equipping the colonies with cheap workforce. The “indentured servant” signed a contract according to which she/he was mortgaging her/his freedom and provide her/his work to a master for a period between 5 to 7 years and, in exchange, the latter covered her/his transportation expenses to the colony. In practice, it was happening by the signature of the contract between the “indentured servant” and the ship owner and the subsequent transferring of the contract to the new master, as soon as the ship arrived to the “new world”. The institution was initially introduced in 1619 through Virginia Company. It has been calculated that 80% of the refugees in the american colonies before american revolution were under this status, while only 40% managed to survive. “Interventured servants” consisted of three categories : -----------
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Friday, 23 September 2016

Solidarity Is Our Winning Weapon.

       Landlords who keep shitty property and threaten tenants with eviction if the complain about the state of the place they rent, should not be tolerated. However it is difficult to stand alone against a bullying landlord, but with solidarity, it is a different matter, we can make a difference if we stands together. It is encouraging to see a community come together to protect a threatened family. 
Neighbours form human chain to prevent bailiffs evicting mum-of-five
        This is the moment kindhearted neighbours formed a human chain around a mum's house - to stop her being kicked out in a 'revenge eviction'. Nimo Abdullahi, 39, was told she and her family would be thrown out of their home of 12 years after she complained to her landlord about damp. But in a bid to protect the mum-of-five from a 'revenge eviction', residents and campaigners turned out to stop it happening. Around 30 people stood side by side, arms linked, to build a wall of bodies in front of the privately-rented property in Easton, Bristol.
      All morning, more neighbours joined the blockade - with a newlywed couple living opposite the family cutting up their wedding cake to keep the protesters sustained. When bailiffs turned up at 11am on Tuesday, they weren't able to get inside. Nimo said she was threatened with evictions numerous times - whenever she complained - but this time, the landlord actually went through with it.
       She said: "It has a big problem with damp. This is bad for us, because my children have asthma and it is not a good place. "Until recently, the carpets everywhere were very old and dirty and we would ask the landlord to improve things, but he was difficult. "Many times I asked him, and a lot of times he would threaten us. "He would say that we were going to be evicted, and once he came round with his wife and she said that if we didn't move out they would call the police to get us out.
       "But this is our home." Nimo who is being helped by Acorn, a local grass roots movement which fights for renters' rights, said she was stunned by the support from her neighbours. The mum, whose three sons and two daughters go to the local school, said: "I was shocked. I went out and came running back in because I was so stunned. "I've had great support from Acorn and now to see my neighbours outside supporting me is amazing."
        Jenny Ross came out to protest the treatment of the Abdullahi family, who have lived in the property since they moved to England from Holland. She said: "We don't want people in our community treated like this. It's a revenge eviction and people deserve decent rented accommodations. "This landlord, and all landlords, need to know there are people in this community who won't ignore it. "We live in this street and it's a close community. It's amazing how many people have turned out."
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We Are Being Screwed.

         Wow, a politician speaks the truth, poor sod, his career is in jeopardy. But it is all so obvious to all those who take a wee look at how governments and central wanker bankers function. Of course the system that lives by this scam is not likely to send their mates to prison. So it will continue until we change the system, take control of our own lives, and shape society to see to the needs of all our people. We have to pull the plug on this cancerous greed driven system that favours the rich and wealthy at the expense of the ordinary people.

You're Not Sick, You're A Malingerer.

       We all know, or should know, that the system of capitalism wants to dismantle the welfare system. We all know, or should know, that they are being aided and abetted by the various governments, especially the cabal of millionaires, who at present, are sitting with their hands on the control levers in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption. The proof keeps popping up as the National Health Service is sliced and diced up in bite size pieces for the corporate world to gobble up, and benefits are slashed and re-worked to be unavailable to those who need them.
      So it is encouraging when a book exposing this pushing of the ideology of corporatism controlling everything for profit, gets a bit of publicity. Perhaps the exposure will prompt more people to act and take action against this ever increasing drive to corporatism, and away from caring and compassion. What I mean by that is, bring about the end of capitalism.
       A string of activists, academics, politicians and journalists have welcomed the publication of a new book by a disabled researcher which exposes how successive governments have planned the “demolition of the welfare state”.
        Mo Stewart has spent eight years researching the influence of the US insurance giant Unum over successive UK governments, and how it led to the introduction of the “totally bogus” work capability assessment (WCA), which she says was designed to make it harder for sick and disabled people to claim out-of-work disability benefits.
        We all know, or should know, what comes out of politicians' mouths is not what is discussed behind closed doors. Their devious plans are for their partners in crime, platitudes are for public consumption.
Quote from her book:
       She describes in her book how Peter Lilley, secretary of state for social security in John Major’s Conservative government, hired senior Unum executive John LoCascio to advise the UK government on how to cut the number of claimants of long-term sickness benefits.
       She says that Mansel Aylward (pictured), the chief medical adviser in Lilley’s department – which was later to be renamed the Department for Work and Pensions – went on to co-author an academic paper with LoCascio in 1995 which argued that GPs should be side-lined from advising on claimants’ fitness for work.
       Both Aylward and LoCascio went on to contribute to a conference held at Woodstock, near Oxford, in November 2001, which examined so-called “malingering and illness deception”.
        The conference papers were later published, says Stewart, and argued that “malingering” was a lifestyle choice for many claimants of long-term sickness benefits.
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Thursday, 22 September 2016

To Struggle For Justice, Means You Will Be Attacked.

        The state, is the state, is the state, no matter where it's ugly head appears. The format is much the same across the world, the rich and powerful control society, and the state apparatus defends them against any change to that set-up. Methods may differ from state to state, some more brutal than others, but all will go to what ever lengths it feels are required, to make sure nothing alters that format. So if you are among those who see this arrangement as unjust and based on corruption and exploitation, and you decide to challenge that position, beware. They have ways and means of trying to silence you, from demonising you through their propaganda arm, the babbling brook of bullshit, that goes under the banner of the mainstream media, and where that fails they have their strong armed minders the police and secret services, who are backed up by that loaded dice, the judiciary. The judiciary, of course, work from a set of rules made up by the rich and powerful to protect their privileged position. The state and freedom are divided by an unbridgeable chasm, just as, justice and capitalism are likewise incompatible. 
Rome, Italy: Communique from Daniele from Regina Coeli prison
“Between these four increasingly narrow walls, I cultivate my hatred of the system. “
       If you are an anarchist get it into your head, if you have not done so already, that it could be your turn to end up in prison sooner or later, and that the paths that could lead you there are many.
       If you are an anarchist, first, you have to be careful about what you keep at home: simple things, trivial or almost, become components of devices or explosives in the cops’ reports, a story we have also seen recently in Bologna with a comrade ending up in AS2 in Ferrara. Even books, pamphlets and leaflets, so-called “paperwork”, become proof of affiliation with terrorist organizations.
     And then there are the classic conspiracy charges, usually 270a, that allow the guards to throw you inside without even bothering to provide “concrete evidence”.
     In short, the roads are many, but the reason is one: being irreducibly aligned against power.
       If I say this it is certainly not to complain about the iniquity of democratic justice, but to point out how easy it is for an anarchist to end up in prison, no matter how careful one is. Awareness of this risk should not scare us, just keep us ready.
       So “Scripta Manent” was not at all unexpected but is a repressive attack whose only uncertainty was “when”, not “if.” An attack by the democratic regime against those who, within it, still refuse to submit to the values and morals of dominion by getting into in a conciliatory perspective of dialogue and compromise, but remain in open confrontation with power.
     “The State is not thinkable without lordship and servitude … For the State it is indispensable that nobody have an own will; if one had, the State would have to exclude this one; if all had, they would do away with the State.”
      After all, whether you end up there or not, prison is still in the path of an anarchist. Because it is a spectre that hangs over you, because it has taken friends or loved ones, or just because it is the foundation of this society that we hate (“repression is civilization”).
      But the constant threat of imprisonment is not enough to stifle the rage we feel in front of the hundreds of thousands of animals killed and tortured every day, in front of entire ecosystems wiped out by the greed of technological society, in front of the millions of individuals forced into alienation at the workplace, held in vile prisons or concentration camps for migrants, and all the people killed by hunger and wars. And how can you bow your head resigned in the face of the continuous interference of the State in our lives?
       This society where everything has its price like in a shopping mall, where anything can be bought and sold as long as you have the money, this society based on profit no matter what the cost will always have an extreme enemy in who is not willing to trade their life and their dignity. Money is the only driving force of this system of death and misery. The State legitimates it, the police defend it, the newspapers give voice to its lies. Anarchists reject it and attack it.
      Solidarity with those arrested, those under investigation and those raided in operation “Scripta Manent”.
       Solidarity with those who are paying the price for opposing this system of domination in this world.
      With those who under a leaden sky choose to bring about the storm. For a world built on the ruins of this one. “Charges upon charges, sentences upon sentences, what counts is the hour of capitulation.”

Daniele Eccheccazzo

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Oil And Genocide.

        He says it so well, his voice is a voice for justice, David Rovics has sang around the world, and it usually is a powerful message delivered with sincerity and compassion. Syria suffers as does a lot of the Middle East, mainly due to the Imperialists who want to control the oil and gas. However, Gaza has sufferer for decades, because of a religious belief, that some man in the sky promised that land to the Jews. So they go about a brutal land grab and a policy of savage genocide, while the rich Western nations supply the funding and the weaponry. The powers that be are not blind to the suffering of the people of Gaza, it just suits their purpose, as Syria bleeds and Gaza dies, the Imperialists bleat about helping them. So the slaughter and deprivation will continue, until we get rid of those powers that be.

     "If we wash our hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless we side with the powerful — we don’t remain neutral.“

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Monday, 19 September 2016

For Your Health, Or For Profit?

       At the back of every thinking person's mind must be the thought that "Big Pharma" is poisoning us and slowly killing us with a cocktail of drugs, just for profit. Controversy rages about most of the drugs in regular use, recently the ongoing argument about statins has been reignited with continual disagreements between "experts" in that field. Who do we believe, how many "experts" are under the wing of "Big Pharma", how many are swayed by the same propaganda that we face? When "experts" in their field can't agree how do we form our decisions? It is not just statins that are under this cloud of, for profit, or for the health of people equation.
Recently Alzheimer’s support groups all around the nation have been marketing a documentary about country singer Glen Campbell who has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (of unknown etiology) despite the obvious fact that Campbell was infamous for his chronic heavy use of brain-damaging, dementia-inducing, addictive, and very neurotoxic drugs like cocaine and alcohol. And, just like so many other hard-living celebrities like the (now cured) dementia victim Kris Kristofferson and the suicidal and early dementia victim Robin Williams. All three celebrities were known to have received prescriptions for legal neurotoxic brain-altering drugs, adding to the burdens that their failing brains, livers and psyches had to endure. It is highly likely that all three of them were also on statins and were up-to-date on their mercury and aluminum-containing vaccinations.
It is an established fact that Alzheimer’s disease can only be definitively diagnosed at a post-mortem examination of the cerebral cortex, something that dementia patients are almost never subjected to. Because of the rarity of coroners doing autopsies on dementia patients, we have to question the accuracy of the diagnoses of, for example, the still living Glen Campbell, Kris Kristofferson and our own memory-impaired spouses, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas, especially since so many of them have been on neurotoxic substances such as those mentioned in this article.
And we also have to question the motivations of the Big Pharma corporations that financially underwrite patient support groups like the Alzheimer’s Association. AND, equally importantly, given the total lack of recognition of the reality of drug-induced dementia, we have to question to oft-cited assertion that 2/3 of all dementia cases are because of Alzheimer’s disease (of unknown cause).
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Go On Luss, Ban The Car.

       In my post yesterday about Luss I made a comment about the traffic and parking in the village, well it seems that I'm not the only one that thinks it is out of order and dangerous. The residents and the Argyle and Bute council are at loggerheads about the problem. It is not a big village, about 120 residents, it would be quite simple to ban vehicles, except service vehicles, from entering the village. I know it would be cruel and extremely brutal to expect people to walk a few hundred yards in this modern age of the car. However, a small idyllic village perched on the shores of a loch with its narrow streets clogged up with visitors cars of all sizes, so that people don't have to walk, seems utterly selfish. I remember the village when cars were a rare thing and you could stroll down its narrow streets in little groups without having to continually shuffle to the side of the road or risk death. There is nothing idyllic, picturesque or peaceful about weaving through lines of moving and sitting cars. The village magic is lost.
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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Cook And Drive.

 Duck Bay, Loch Lomond, looking towards Ben Lomond.
        As I no longer do the mileage on the bike that I used to, I find that it limits the places I can visit. Gone are the days when I would step out the gate at my front door, throw my leg over the bike and head for Tyndrum, Loch Kathrine, Dunoon, Arrachar, Callander, Inversnaid, Kinloch Ard, Strathyre, Lake of Menteith, Loch Venachar, etc. and a variety of routes in between. Now I find that I pedal around the Campsie Hills area, the Aberfoyle Road and of course the Loch. Not that there is anything wrong with any of these places, all a beauty in their own right.
The pier at Luss on Loch Lomond.
      So Saturday saw me once more, along the Bonnie Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond. On the way back down the Loch, I stopped at the picturesque village of Luss, on the shore of the Loch. Many years ago it was an isolated little village that few people new about, now it is difficult to cycle down the main street as the cars are parked tight along its full length, with cars trying to negotiate the remaining space. It has a large car/bus park which is usually full.
Looking along the shore at Luss.
       When my kids were still at school I would take them there armed with an inflatable dinghy, and they could paddle up and down the burn that flows into the loch at Luss, or I would row them out to one of the islands, a fair distance from Luss. On one occasion I decided that we would have a full cooked meal on the shore, but no barbecue. So I wrapped some steak with onions and potatoes in tinfoil. Making sure it was properly sealed, I then tied it to the exhaust manifold of my car engine with two pieces of wire. We set off and occasionally there would be the wiff of cooking food. On arriving at the shore in Luss, the other visitors sitting around looked somewhat surprised when I lift the bonnet of the car undone the tinfoil package and filled the air with the smell of hot steaming steak and unions, all beautifully cooked. The secret is to gauge the distance you will drive to the amount you want to cook.   
 Row of cottages covered in shrubs and roses, Luss main street.
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Solidarity In Struggle Is A Winning Weapon.

       We should never forget those in struggle, more so those confined to the state's prisons, repression cages, or in America, Incarcerated Labour Corporation, facilities, solidarity is the winning weapon. Since September 9th. the prisoners in America have been on strike, making a stand against the blatant corruption, corporate greed, slave labour and brutality that permeates the entire prison system. They need all the support that we can muster, these are workers without conditions, locked away from the prying eyes of the public and used and savagely exploited by the state and greedy corporations. The vicious treatment that is handed out to them is all cloaked in secrecy, behind high walls and armed guards, so therefore can be more savage than might happen out on the public streets. We need to allow those inside to know, that they have the support of those on the outside, we need the facts to come out, we need to keep the pressure on the authorities.

       Louisiana State Penitentiary, otherwise known as ‘Angola Prison’, to this day compels prisoners to plant and pick cotton by hand, for as little as 4 cents an hour. Eighty percent of its prisoners are African-American.
       Long rows of men, mostly African-American, till the fields under the hot Louisiana sun while armed guards, mostly white, ride up and down the rows on horseback, keeping watch. It is the largest maximum security prison in America, bigger than Manhattan, sprawling over 18,000 acres of farmland dotted with barbed-wire enclosures, gun towers and concrete dormitories.
A History of Slavery
      The land on which the prison sits is a composite of several slave plantations -it is called Angola, after the homeland of the slaves who first worked its soil - bought up in the decades following the Civil War. From when it was converted from plantations, prisoners have worked the land in much the same way as slaves did, under conditions so brutal, prisoners resorting to cutting their own Achilles’s tendons in protest in the 50′s.
      After the plantation was converted to a prison, former plantation overseers and their descendants kept their general roles, becoming prison officials and guards. This white overseer community, is located on the farm’s grounds, both close to the prisoners and completely separate from them. In addition to their prison labour, Angola’s inmates do free work for these residents, from cutting their grass to trimming their hair to cleaning up Prison View Golf Course, the only course in the country where players can watch prisoners labouring as they golf.    Continue reading:

This appeal from IWW Incarcerated Workers Organising Committee:
URGENT!! Help Needed NOW to Stop Retaliation Against Prisoners. 
       Current stats based on the strike tracking that we have done so far:
-Number of prisoners on lockdown at least 1 day since 9/8: 23,849 minimum
-Number of prisoners on lockdown in facilities where we know organizing was happening or where strikes are confirmed: 15,310
-Number of prisoners on lockdown in facilities where we’re not sure about organizing: 8,484
        There are two things we really need help with. The first one is really easy. The second one is a bit more complex. Both involve calling prisons. Here is a great "how to" video for calling prisons if you are feeling nervous https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=251DPVDQ17A
       1. Very Easy Task: As we hear of individual prisoners or facilities that are being specifically targeted, we will add them to this phone zap list https://goo.gl/forms/ s4gBzsgvz6W9LQoN2 Please call all the numbers on this list as many times as you can and ask all your friends to do the same. Print the list and take it with you everywhere and call every time you can spare a minute. You can call day or night, weekdays or weekends, talk to a person or leave a voicemail, just call now and keep calling. The prisoners are on the front line and it is critical that we do everything we can to keep the administrators from torturing and killing them.
        2. Moderately Easy Task: The second thing you can do to help is call all the prisons in your state and ask if they are on lockdown:

Notes about the State by State Tracking:
- They aren't likely to divulge answers to all these questions, but you can try, anyway.
- If they ask, you can either say you're a concerned citizen, or that you want to schedule a visit, or that you're a student doing research. These things might not help.
- You can either give your name, or make up a name. It is probably not a good idea to give first and last name, or any other personal info of yourself or anyone else, especially not of prisoners.
       1. Look up the facilities' info. Make sure we know what state you're working on, so two people don't end up doing the same state at the same time. Every DOC has a different website, but most list basic info about the prisons.
- take note of whether or not they list current population on the website, if they do, you won't need to ask those questions.
- check and see if they have press releases or recent news or anything like that. Some DOCs will publicly announce lockdowns on their websites.
        2. call the prison, here's a script:
"Hello, are you on lockdown right now?"
If "yes" - "why?"
- "how many people are locked down"
- "how long have they been?"
- "what is your current population, are they all locked down?"
If "no" - "have you been on lock down at all in the last week?"
- "have there been any disturbances or trouble makers sent to the hole in the last month?"
        3. Write down any info you get on places that are / were locked down. Try and research info that wasn't available on the site (Wikipedia has entries for most prisons, which includes their capacities) a google search might bring up reports with more accurate info about current population levels, etc.
- Email anything you find to iwoc@riseup.net
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